Learning to Live with Celiac Disease

De Dale Lee

Welcome Celiac Community

“Do you know anyone else who has celiac disease?”  This is a question I ask each of my patients because I think it is important that those with celiac disease have an opportunity to meet others on a similar gluten-free journey, understand that they are not alone, and share stories of lessons learned. Unlike other…

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Factory worker pressing dough into molds

Gluten Free Food – How it’s made and sold ​

By: *Jerry Goldberg, July 2021 Affiliation/Bio: Co-owner and CEO of Manini’s Gluten Free and Member of SCH Celiac Clinic Advisory Board As with most things in life, all things Gluten Free are not Equal. Here are some thoughts as to what consumers buying GF food should consider when deciding to try a GF product at…

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People playing soccer

Get in the (gluten-free) Game!

*By: *Amy Keller, MS, RDN, LD (she/her), July 2021 *Affiliation/Bio *Registered dietitian and celiac support group leader, Mary Rutan Hospital, Bellefontaine, Ohio. ​ Making a traveling team is an exciting way for young athletes to meet friends and improve their skills. Whether it’s travel soccer, volleyball, or basketball, healthy gluten-free eating (and staying hydrated) is…

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