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Get to Know the Team Behind Eat Live Celiac

Program Mission

The Eat Live Celiac’s mission is to enable children and families with Celiac disease to lead empowered and healthy lives through support, knowledge, and resources.

  1. Help families with Celiac disease connect and share in the journey of being gluten-free.
  2. Raise awareness about Celiac disease in the community
  3. Be a resource for physicians and medical practitioners in the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Clinical Program

Eat Live Celiac was created by the Celiac Parent Advisory Group, a group of Gastroenterologist, dietitians and laboratory medicine providers in the Pacific Northwest community that are dedicated to serving families of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, many of whom work for Seattle Children’s Hospital Celiac Program. Learn more at Celiac Disease Program - Seattle Children’s (seattlechildrens.org)

Celiac Youth Leadership Council

The Celiac Youth Leadership Council (CYLC) empowers youth to become more involved in the care and management of their Celiac disease and to provide a voice for all children and adolescents living with Celiac disease to improve their quality of life. The council is an applicant-selected program for individuals age 10-18 with celiac disease. CYLC is guided by the clinical program.


Advisory Board

The board consists of engaged volunteer parents, community members, and medical professionals to provide guidance to the Celiac Program. They help prioritize the needs of the diverse Celiac community, guide the growth and development and establish fiscal and fundraising goals to meet the needs of the Celiac Program.

The Celiac Guild

The Celiac Guild is a volunteer-driven organization committed to the Celiac Program. They establish fiscal and fundraising goals to meet the needs of the Celiac Program.

  • Jerry Goldberg
  • Cole Hardman
  • Rachel Kay, MS, RDN, CD, CNSC
  • Jessica Ketcham, Ph.D.
  • Helene Law, ARNP, MSN
  • Namita Singh
  • Rindi Rickert
  • Brian Thiel
  • Dale Lee, MD, MSCE
  • Anne Moon
  • Alissa Rooks
  • Shelley Orso
  • Kalin Tobin
  • Alexis Tobin
  • Lucy Rich
  • Maggie Bromberg


Help support the Celiac Program to further expand, increase our ability to provide mental, physical, nutritional, emotional resources, and support the community through connection, research and advocacy.https://give.seattlechildrens.org/celiacguild


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