Birthdays Can be Safe and Sweet

woman with man eating

By: Abby Spaulding (she/her) We were singing happy birthday to my friend this summer. We were all so happy and excited. Singing “Happy Birthday” however brought back a lot of past memories, especially the rough birthdays and birthday party experiences. This time, however, was different. My celiac story started way back in 2007, when I…

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Birthday Parties: Fun for Some, Hard for others

girl with pizza

By: Celia Chapman I was diagnosed just after my third birthday.  I’ve had Celiac for as long as I can remember.  Taking care of myself in this area is sort of my specialty.  I do struggle with my feelings, sadness, and the feeling of being left out a lot when it comes to birthday parties.…

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Welcome Celiac Community

De Dale Lee

“Do you know anyone else who has celiac disease?”  This is a question I ask each of my patients because I think it is important that those with celiac disease have an opportunity to meet others on a similar gluten-free journey, understand that they are not alone, and share stories of lessons learned. Unlike other…

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